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🇬🇧Painting Competition Rules


This competition is part of the exhibition by painter Helena Lobato, commemorating World Lupus Day, May 10, 2024, in Guimarães, organized in collaboration with psychologist Sofia Silva Ribeiro, and with the support of the Oliveira, São Paio and São Sebastião Parish Council and the Lupus Patients Association of Portugal.

The aim of this competition is to promote the creation of works depicting life with Lupus, the way this autoimmune disease is seen and felt, not only by those who live with it, but also by professional painters. It also aims to raise awareness of Lupus and the impact it has on the lives of sufferers.

Conditions of participation:

1. Participation in the competition is open in two categories:

  • People with Lupus (not professional painters);
  •  Artists in general.

2. Participation in the competition is free, aimed at anyone of legal age (over 18) and must comply with the above categories;

3. Contestants are responsible for the originality of the works submitted, guaranteeing their authorship and assuming all liability arising from any third-party claims regarding the infringement of intellectual property rights, or others arising from applicable law;

4. Entries must comply with the theme “(re)Treating Lupus”

5. Each participant can submit up to 2 works, the production date of which cannot be earlier than 2022;

6. The technique is free and the size of the works must not exceed 50 cm on each side (frame included);

7. The works to be submitted must be two-dimensional. Paintings on fabric or other materials will be considered and accepted if they are presented (if selected) in two-dimensional form, i.e. placed on a canvas with a hanging support;

8. Works must be signed on the front and identified on the back with the author’s name and the name of the work;

9. Participants should email retratarolupus@gmail.com a photograph of the work(s) with the following information:

  • the category in which you are participating (person with Lupus or artist); 
  • technical file of the work(s) (name of the work, technique, size, year); 
  • participant’s full name and contact number;
  • a short description of the work;
  • indication of their display position (if necessary).

10. Only works sent by this means, within the time limit stipulated in these regulations and with all the information requested, will be considered for the competition.


11. The deadline for sending the photograph of the work(s) is March 31, 2024;

12. The results will be announced by April 15, 2024, via email to all participants;

13. The selected works must be delivered or sent to “Alameda São Dâmaso – Edifício S. Francisco Centro, Loja 65, 4810-286 Guimarães, Portugal” until April 30, 2024;

14. The works must be delivered with a hanging bracket and without glass protection, with the author’s identification and in reusable packaging;

15. The deadline for collecting the works at the end of the exhibition will be communicated to all the artists with selected works.


16. The works will be judged by a jury made up of a member of the Oliveira, São Paio and São Sebastião Parish Council; a member of the Portuguese Lupus Patients Association; psychologist Sofia Silva Ribeiro; and painter Helena Lobato;

17. The jury’s decision is sovereign;

18. The evaluation criteria will be based on artistic merit, appropriateness to the theme and the message conveyed.


19. The selected works will be exhibited together with those of the painter Helena Lobato at Alameda São Dâmaso – Edifício S. Francisco Centro, Loja 65, Guimarães, Portugal, as part of the painting exhibition celebrating World Lupus Day, which will run from May 10 to 31, 2024;

20. Works may also be sold during the event if the author wishes;

21. After the physical exhibition, we will hold a virtual exhibition on the website www.retratarolupus.pt, with photographs of all the works in the competition, together with the author’s identification, the name of the work and the description. 

Final considerations:

22. All inalienable intellectual property rights shall remain the property of the author(s);

23. The submission of works to the Competition implies full acceptance of the rules of participation contained in these regulations;

24. By participating in the competition, the author authorizes the publication of his/her work(s) for the purposes of publicity and exhibition necessary and decided to publicize the event (website, brochure, photo reports of the event);

25. The authors will be responsible for sending and collecting the selected works. However, the works may be returned at the end of the exhibition by the organization, via CTT, if requested by the author;

26. The organization will treat all the works received with the utmost care, but will not be held responsible for any damage to them;

27. Only works and authors that comply with these regulations will be admitted to the competition;

28. Any cases not covered by these regulations will be resolved by the organization and any clarifications should be sent to retratarolupus@gmail.com.